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Google Chrome is (clumsily) stalking me
I recently found myself happily browsing on my ‘trusted’ Chrome browser the other evening. Like many sites it was... Read more – ‘Google Chrome is (clumsily) stalking me’.
Pollenizer Universal Startup Pitch Deck
I was looking for a pitch deck template to work from and couldn’t help but return to Pollenizer’s Universal Startup... Read more – ‘Pollenizer Universal Startup Pitch Deck’.
The Customer Journey to Online Purchase
Great tool by Google showing how different channels play different roles in the customer journey. View by summary, industry and... Read more – ‘The Customer Journey to Online Purchase’.
The New MySpace
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MIT Mobile Experience Lab—Tangible Banking Interface for Kids
Read more – ‘MIT Mobile Experience Lab—Tangible Banking Interface for Kids’.
Flow Media G-Shock projection mapping
Read more – ‘Flow Media G-Shock projection mapping’.
Keyword Tool iPhone App
Finally found a great app for keyword research on the go. Google’s mobile ‘friendly’ Adwords site has a long way... Read more – ‘Keyword Tool iPhone App’.